Celebrating the Businesses of Elk Grove

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  • Bragging Rights for 1 Year

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  • Best of Elk Grove Winners Certificate

  • Best of Elk Grove Window Cling

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Competition Rules

1. Small Businesses who would like to participate should have a current registered Business License with the City of Elk Grove. The cost is $13. Registered non-profits are not required to have a businsess licence.


2. Your business must reside and / or do business* within the Elk Grove, CA city limits. We verify all businesses to ensure you are a legitiment via the the City of Elk Grove's Business License database. This rule is excluded for certain non business related categories. *If you own a Mobile Food Truck or your business is 100% mobile you may participate, but you may not have an office or retail store front outside of Elk Grove, CA.


3. You must register your business before June 1, 2015 and legitimately provide services or specialize within no more than 3 category(s). All categories must have a minimum of 2 or more businesses participating to be included or considered as a category in the competition. If you don't see your businsses listed, you either did not register or you did not meet the requirements. Once the list has been released publicly, we will not add businesses who did not register by the June 1st deadline.  


4. This competition is open to all Elk Grove businesses as long as they meet the requirements.


5. The Best of Elk Grove facilitators reserve the right to remove any business that has entered the competition incorrectly or has used marketing materials, badges, language or behavior that is not in line with the competition.


6. Winners are chosen by people who fill out the online voting ballot. We will be tracking IP addresses. If more than one person wants to vote within your household they may not use the same computer. All nominations and winner information is not annouced until the dates specified.


7. By participating in the Best of Elk Grove you grant us permission to use your business name, likeness and or image for use in our marketing and promotional materials related to the competition and/or party.


8. All Best of Elk Grove competition results are held private by the Best of Elk Grove facilitators. Winners will be announced at the Best of Elk Grove Party, you must attend the party to find out who won in each category. The winners list will posted to the website 1 week after the party.  


9. The goal of the Best of Elk Grove is to create awareness for all the great small businesses we have in Elk Grove. We want the competition to be fun for all who participate.


Good Luck!

1st Place Winners Receive

This competition is open to the public and businesses of Elk Grove, CA.

People interested in participating in the voting process for the

Best of Elk Grove will be allowed to submit one voting form.


We will be tracking IP addresses. If more than one person wants to vote within your

household they may not use the same computer, tablet or smart phone.

Competition rules are subject to change.