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Celebrating the Businesses of Elk Grove

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This competition is open to the public and businesses of Elk Grove, CA.

People interested in participating in the nomination and voting process for the

Best of Elk Grove will be allowed to submit one nomination form and one voting form.


We will be tracking IP addresses. If more than one person wants to vote within your

household they may not use the same computer, tablet or smart phone.

1. Read through the competition rules to ensure your business is eligible to participate. There is no paperwork to fill out, just follow the instructions below.


2. Check our most recent categories to see if your business falls under one or more. If you don't see one, you can request one here. We will review the request and if its not already listed we will add it. We will not add "specialized categories" like Pool Tile Cleaner. That would fall under the Pool Services category as an example.


3. Download our FREE Marketing tools to help you promote your business.


4. If you have other questions that may have not been answered you can visit our FAQ.


5. All nominations and voting will be conducted through the Best of Elk Grove Website. Direct people to visit to participate.


Nominations | July 21 - August 3


Getting nominated is important in entering your business into the Best of Elk Grove Competition. You are encouraged to inform your customers and/or clients to nominate you in your chosen category(s). Yes, you can be nominated in multiple categories as long as you professionally offer those services.


Once the nominations have ended, they are then tabulated. The top 3 (unless there is a tie) businesses with the most nominations within their category will then move on to the voting round. All businesses will be verified by the City of Elk Grove Economic Development Department.



Voting | August 18 - August 31


To win within your category, you must receive the most votes. Again, we encourage you to inform your customer and/or clients to vote for you in your chosen categories.



Winners Announced | September 12  


Once voting is complete All Best of Elk Grove Winners will be officially announced at the Party / Fundraiser. First place winners will also be issued their Winners Certificate & Window Cling during the awards ceremony. You must attend the party to find out who has won in each category. You can also showcase your business by sponsoring the party / fundraiser! Click Here for Details.


The winners list will be posted publicly on the Best of Elk Grove website 1 week after the party.

How to Particpate

Competiton Rules

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